What Practitioners and Patients Say…

What Practitioners and Patients Say…

"As health care providers we have found the Angel of Water colon irrigation session an invaluable tool to help improve our patients’ health and wellness. The Angel of Water system provides a very thorough colon cleanse in a very discreet and comfortable manner. Our patients consistently state the experience with the Angel of Water system far exceeds their experiences with other systems. This fact is borne out by the high percentage of patients who return to our clinic for multiple sessions.” 
John O. Wycoff, D.O. Wycoff Wellness Center

"During the span of my 43 years as a colon therapist I have had the opportunity to work with every type of equipment. The Angel of Water is far beyond any other, exceeding all of my expectations. With the most precise and effective design and attention to specifics, I am more than impressed. The equipment is so effective that massage on the client is not required, which adds to a thoroughly relaxing and uninhibited session. The nozzle is streamlined to accommodate a client of any age. The outflow is much quicker than with other brands, and effortless for the client. I spent 40 years in a room with a “closed system” – at this point, there is no other choice but the open-system Angel of Water. I will never go back.”
Allaesia Marsha Menard - Colon Therapy Clinic - Sarasota, FL

"I have used and worked with all three open colonic devices on the market, as both a client and a therapist. I love the Angel of Water®. It is easy to use, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing. The Angel of Water® also comes with the services of a very professional staff at Lifestream, who are available for technical, emotional, and educational assistance.”
Theresa Smith, R.N., CHT, Phoenix, AZ

"I was looking for the most appropriate colon hydrotherapy equipment for my anti-aging medicine practice when I was introduced to the Angel of Water®. I knew that this equipment would best fit my busy practice and thought it the most aesthetic equipment available for the intended purpose. My staff, patients, and I have been very happy with the results and the system’s ability to operate without odor. Most importantly, the equipment looks very welcoming and not intimidating at all.”
Maria Sulindro-Ma, M.D., Pasadena, CA

"We have had our Angel of Water® system operational for three months now. So far we have been satisfied with the Angel of Water® system and its results. The comprehensive training program we underwent in the United States means that we were well-equipped to set up the system here and confident to operate it. Our guests have commented that the system is more comfortable and private than other systems they have experienced.”
Sally Halstead, R.N., COMO Shambhala Manager, COMO Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri, Bali, Indonesia

"Healthy Glow Clinic has been using the Angel of Water® system for many years. Our concern has all along been cleanliness, safety, and effectiveness. We find that the Angel of Water® has fulfilled all the above. Our clients have also expressed their satisfaction with the system.”
Y.M. Wong, M.D., Healthy Glow Clinic, Singapore

"The equipment is easy to keep clean and sanitize. The Angel of Water is of the highest quality construction. I highly recommend it. And the technical support from the company is fantastic. Finally, it is the favorite equipment for some of my patients.”
Carlos Ayala, M.D. (Colombia), Doctor of Naturopathy, Colon Therapist

"We have been in business for about 35 years and as you can imagine, we have received a lot of shipments over the years. When your unit arrived, we were amazed at the love and care that was taken to crate it, so that it didn’t get damaged en route. In fact, it is the best crating job we’ve ever seen. My husband even commented that Rocco was a man of integrity by the care that was taken with the equipment. We are thrilled with our Angel of Water unit and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”
Nancy Abbe, CHT, Montville, OH

"Today I can tell you that I am an Authorized Trainer for the Angel of Water and very happy to be so. Spending 2 full days with Rocco Bruno is life changing. His vision and goal is so similar to mine, that is, being a positive influence in the life of our clients and students. Empowering them to find “The Light” in their life and in their everyday lives. Thank you, Rocco, for your kindness, love, compassion, talent, and professional training that you share with all.  The Angel of Water is so professionally built. Only the best quality materials are used. Completely medical grade with style."
Donna D., CHT, Las Vegas, NV

"In Hong Kong, colon hydrotherapy was also known and used by other long haul pilots. Recently relocating from Hong Kong to the United States, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the manufacturer of the Angel of Water was located in Austin, Texas. I have used other brands of colonic devices in the past, but really desired to purchase the Lifestream brand.  As a professional commercial pilot, I can say the two-day operational familiarization course was taught with an in-depth procedural approach that you would find in major commercial airline operational and safety training programs.  We have since installed our device as a final addition to our spa wellness room. The construction of the unit is superb, and I am extremely impressed by the precision of how well it is designed and built. The installation went very well thanks to the detailed installation guide available on the website. The product comes with everything needed to allow us to conduct colon cleansing sessions immediately after installation."
T.N., United States