Everything You Need for Professional Colon Irrigation

When you purchase your Angel of Water® CM-1 colon irrigation device, you will be supplied with all you need to conduct sessions. Your colon irrigation equipment ships complete with a sanitation kit that contains the disinfectants, sanitizers, and tools needed to perform your pre- and post-session protocols. Your 16-hour operations training to the Angel of Water® CM-1 includes tutorial time in how to perform these protocols, as well as instruction on how to conduct professional colon irrigation on your clients from start to finish.

Angel of Water® sterile, disposable rectal nozzles with flex tubes (5.5 inches) are available by prescription only. Lifestream carries a full line of colon irrigation supplies, including mops and brushes and cleaners for your ongoing needs. The practitioner can follow the convenient log provided in the Angel of Water® Users Guide to change the principal maintenance components on a regular basis, which include sediment filters, UV lamp, and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Lifestream carries all the components you need to keep all of your maintenance items up to date.

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