Designing your Space

Designing your Space

Step 1

NOTE: There is only one (right-handed) orientation for the Angel of Water® CM-1.

The room(s) you select or design from scratch must have AT LEAST a 9-foot-long wall span on which to place the CM-1. You will need to accommodate the 102″ length of the CM-1 (with bifold doors open) plus have room for the practitioner to perform routine maintenance. We suggest at least a 10 x 10 – foot – long room. Tile your room; do not carpet your room. You will need ample room for clients to disrobe and hang their clothes. Clients prefer it when the headrest is placed in the corner so that they can see who is entering the room. CM-1 placement should follow that shown in all photographs and in the installation guide.

Consider having a desk and two chairs in the room for private consultation. Consider storage of supplies and linens or disposables, either in your room or elsewhere in your clinic.

You do not need to have a private bathroom for each colon irrigation room. You need simply to make sure you have bathrooms to code that are accessible from your waiting area.

Step 2

Your room needs to have enough space and a plumbing connection for a bathroom-sized vanity sink, preferably right next to the headrest end of the CM-1. The vanity cabinet is used for storage of disinfectants and sanitizers. The sink is used for sanitizing the splashguard, hand washing, etc.

Step 3

Your room needs to have a 36-inch door MINIMUM to accommodate wheelchair clients. Plan on having enough room to accommodate an attendant as well. You should avoid tight hallways, doorways, stairways, sharp turns, or overhangs leading up to your colon irrigation room(s). If you face any of these architectural obstacles, consult with Lifestream BEFORE attempting to move your CM-1 safely into place in your room. The outer hallway leading to your room should be AT LEAST 4 feet in width.

Step 4

The lighting in your room must be pleasant and bright in order to ensure proper disinfection and inspection of the CM-1 before and after use.

Once you have designed your room(s), you are ready to prepare it for the installation and delivery of the Angel of Water® CM-1.


Some international venues may not have easy access to 3-inch P – TRAPS for the rough plumbing installation (see P-TRAP pictured in Step 3. User’s Guide).

A 3-inch P – TRAP or equivalent is needed to prevent odors in the clinic room.

If you cannot locate a 3-inch P – TRAP,  these parts are available through Lifestream, but need to be obtained BEFORE the arrival of the Angel of Water CM-1 unit and in time for installation of the rough plumbing.