Technical Data

Technical Data

Ergonomic Design and Aesthetic Visual Appeal

The Angel of Water® is an instant positive visual focal point when a client walks into your colon irrigation room. It is streamlined, clean, and has a radiant look. Its relaxed ergonomic design and inviting aesthetic appeal immediately puts the client at ease.

Thoughtful Engineering

The Angel of Water® is thoughtfully engineered to save the therapist both time and energy. Our overall design, component placement, and cabinet architecture allow for

  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of conducting a session
  • And most importantly, a superior experience for the client. This translates into higher client acceptability, return, and referral.

Cabinet Storage

The Angel of Water® contains storage in both basin and tower cabinets for disposable nozzles, disinfectants, or other supplies as desired. This places these items right where they are needed for the therapist.

Components and Logistics


All of the components in the Angel of Water® are chosen for durability, long life, and low maintenance. All parts are non-corrosive, eliminating rust build-up in the system or inside the water reservoir.


The 8-gallon main tank on the Angel of Water® is an FDA-food grade polyethylene tank with an Auto-Shut-Off Tank Level Valve with no moving parts for a quieter and more sanitary presentation. The tank has a circular lid for easy removal and for inspection and sanitation. The Tank Faucet is mounted on the top shelf of the tower for easy tank maintenance and rinsing.

The smaller Re-circulating Tank with lid receives water from the main tank by a Water Cycling Device that re-circulates the water from one tank to the next so that it stays evenly tempered throughout the session and maintains constant gravity flow (approx. 1 psi) for the duration of the session. This reduces awkward temperature adjustments by the therapist in close proximity to the client throughout the session.

The therapist uses the Mixing Valve on the basin to fill the tank with properly-tempered water at the beginning of the session and will not have to add any more water in most cases. Should the water become too warm for client use, the Temperature Sensor shuts off water flow to the client until it comes back into the safety range at or below 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Water Temperature Display is prominently placed directly in front of the client’s view. The Angled Mirror affords the client visual information regarding release of waste. Both are directly in front of the client.

A person seated on the system leans backwards and is supported by the ergonomic cushion giving both neck and lumbar support. This allows the client to sit in a slightly reclined position in order to stimulate peristalsis and a more complete elimination of waste. The reclining position is the one for which the Angel of Water® rectal nozzle was tested and validated and the one that affords the most comfort and safety overall to a wide array of human body types.

  • The comfortable and ergonomic basin is versatile and comfortable for different body shapes and sizes. It is low to the ground to accommodate elderly, infirm, and wheelchair-transfer clients. After the session is over, the client can easily slide off the system and touch the floor with their feet. It is also possible to dress and undress someone who is paralyzed directly on the system.
  • The basin channel is deep to ensure that waste is directed away from the body more quickly and completely during evacuation for both male and female clients. This design also affords bladder voiding during the session, which often accompanies bowel evacuation. It is not necessary for the session to stop; the Angel of Water® serves both functions while the session is underway.
  • Waste material naturally leaves the body and flows down and through a well-illuminated Viewing Tube area of the basin cabinet. The View-Tube Sprayer can be manually activated to provide a strong, wide stream of water that washes waste material down the drain and out of the viewing area.
  • The basin topside has a Basin Sprayer that is easy to grasp and pull out with one hand for the client to rinse once the session is over. It is also used for the basin sanitation protocol after every session.


Dual Control Switch Panels, one mounted on the patient’s left and the other on the Tower cabinet, afford the therapist choices for stopping and starting various functions during the client session and during sanitation protocols. This saves time, steps, and energy and makes the therapist’s approach precise, focused, and enlightened.


The Angel of Water® CM-1 Surround is warranted for one year from its date of acceptance by the original purchaser. Lifestream will guarantee that each of its products is free from defects in material and workmanship. The manufacturer will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace, at its expense, any defective product, part, or component that we determine to be defective. Labor and shipping of defective parts to manufacturer are not covered by this limited warranty.