Testimonial Continued

Testimonial Continued

My wife and I have regularly used colon hydrotherapy as a part of our wellness over the past 20 years. While we’ve observed many friends and family become dependent on prescription medication, we have been able to maintain a healthy balance free of any daily pharmaceutical regimen. We attribute much of our healthy well-being due to the ability to periodically cleanse our colon of buildup.

Our family lived in Hong Kong for a decade. We fortunately had access to a facility equipped with several of Lifestream’s Angel of Water hydrotherapy devices. As a pilot who regularly flies long international flights, I have found colon hydrotherapy as helpful in …..

 ..... regaining a normal sleep cycle after returning from a trip.

In Hong Kong, colon hydrotherapy was also known and used by other long haul pilots. My wife has also found it beneficial, as she would regularly shock health practitioners with her youthful appearance and lack of a prescription medication regimen. Recently relocating from Hong Kong to the southeastern United States, we were unable to find any clinics within a reasonable driving distance of our home. With good fortune, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the manufacturer of the Angel of Water was located in Austin, Texas. I have used other brands of colonic devices in the past, but really desired to purchase the Lifestream brand. Upon our family’s return, we contacted the sales department and were able to place an order for a personal unit. 

During the production period, I was offered the opportunity to travel to Austin and attend a two-day operational familiarization course. The course was invaluable in gaining an in-depth knowledge on how to operate the Angel of Water. I was even more pleased to find out the course would be taught by Rocco Bruno – the founder and CEO of Lifestream Purification Systems, LLC. As a professional commercial pilot, I can say the course was taught with an in-depth procedural approach that you would find in major commercial airline operational and safety training programs.  

We have since installed our device in our private home as a final addition to our spa wellness room. The construction of the unit is superb, and I am extremely impressed by the precision of how well it is designed and built. The installation went very well thanks to the detailed installation guide available on the website. The product comes with everything needed to allow us to conduct colon cleansing sessions immediately after installation.

We are confident our Angel of Water will serve us faithfully and reliably into and well after our retirement. Thanks to Gary for the sales assistance, Dennie for handling all the shipping and logistics, Rocco for the training and passion in developing the finest system in the industry, and the rest of the Lifestream staff, we are excited to have the opportunity to enhance our wellness and health with the Angel of Water.